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Nigel Courtney Bowleser at
Fri Sep 22 14:39:38 PDT 2006

Hidden Market Gem?
Company: Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. 
Ticker: PGCN.OB 
Current Price: $.19
5-Day Target: $1.5 - $2 
Rating: 10(10) 
Recommendation: S T R 0 N G -  B U Y !! 

This quick rising stock is a good long term winner. This stock is going high due to superb business solutions and creative partnerships in the business world.
Could this company be the next PFIZER?? 

Pingchaun Pharmaceuticals disributes its medications to over 50 percent of CHINA and has a tremendous presence via exports to U.S.A, Russia, Japan and South-Eastern Asia.  They have partnerships with the biggest drugstores, equivalent in the US to SAV-ON, CVS, RITE-AID, etc.  With BIG NEWS anticipated this coming WEEK we strongly advise you to get in EARLY and issue {!/W_SL} a 10/10 Alert. 

About Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. 
Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. ("PINGCHUAN") is a modernized pharmaceutical manufacturer with first-class medical R&D ability, pioneered medicine products, and well-established marketing network. Since its establishment, PINGCHUAN has focused its businesses on diabetes medicine and its medical products. The products of PINGCHUAN include health care products, varieties of medicine, as well as medical apparatus. Kang Da Glycosuria Capsule is a successful product of PINGCHUAN for treating diabetes, which was first developed in 1998 and introduced to the market in 2001. PINGCHUAN has well-established marketing network and sale branches, which include about 180,000 retail pharmacies /drugstores across China, agency network in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi'an, special counter sale at drug chain stores in key regions, residence community clinic sale and promotion, as well as internet marketing through the company's website. The marketing network of PINGCHUAN covers more than 50 percent districts 
of China and exports to US, Japan, Russia, and south-eastern Asia. 

Dont miss the boat, this is a new issue, is thinly traded and could move up quickly.  We anticipate that shares of PGCN will be much higher in the short-term.  ACT NOW!

Remember the gains from our recent recommendations... Do not miss out, Put PGCN.OB on your radar's now. Good luck and trade out at the top{!/W_SL}!! 

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