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Eileen Mccracken kendrick at
Sun Sep 17 03:14:14 PDT 2006

C1al1s S0ft Tabs is the new impotence treattment drug that everyone is talking about. Here goes some reasons to choose C1al1s S0ft Tabs: 
1. You can mix a1cohol drinks with this tabs without any undesired effects. 
2. CIaIls does not make you feel dizzy or make vision blurred, so you can easily drive a car or operate heavy machinery. 
3. CIaIls works much faster than any known ED treatment solution. ttt enters the bloodstream directly instead of going through the stomach, thus you need only 15 minutes till you feel the effect.

C1al1s S0ft Tabs formula is effective for 95% of the patients. If this treatment is not effective for you, we will refund you for every unopened pack. All you have to do is send them back, and we will immediatley refund your account! 

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