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Loretta at
Sat Sep 2 15:38:45 PDT 2006

the S EC A ct of 193 4. Sta tements that involve discussions with respect to 
project ions of future events are not statements of historical fact and may be 
forward looking statements. Don't rely on them to make a decision. This company 
does not report under the Exc hange Ac t  of 19 34. Past performance 
is never indica tive of future resu ts. We have received seven million
free trading shares from a third party, not an officer, director or affiliate 
shareholder. We intend to sell all seven million shares now, which could cause 
the stock to go down, resulting in losses for you. This company has: no cash, large 
long term debt and an accumulated deficit. These facto rs raise substantial doubt about 
its ability to continue as a going concern. It is an operating, revenue producing 
company. A failure to finance could cause the company to go out of business. This is a 
penny stock and is a high risk security. This report shall not be construed as any kind 
of investment advice or solicitation. Urgent: Please, Please read the company's annual 
and quarterly reports before you invest.


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