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On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 11:43:03AM -0800, coderman wrote:

> bootstrapping is hard, particularly when you must include a robust
> reputation metric.  "anonymous digital gold tokens" is really too

Reputation is hard, because it's equivalent to a Turing test (humans
are naturally scarce), or to a proof of work (which has inflationary
issues due to Moore's law and forgeries by dedicated hardware, unless
everyone runs an ASIC mint -- still wasteful in terms of wattage).

> narrow, as what you seek is exactly a robust reputation / trust metric
> tied to the economy of peer interaction.  digital cash is attractive
> because the reputation it embodies is fungible, but other forms of
> reputation are useful and may prove more effective in certain
> contexts, particularly when your adversary is well funded (think
> "creeping death attacks"). [0]

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