Scott Marcus Declaration on ATT/NSA Spying

coderman coderman at
Sat Jun 24 22:04:55 PDT 2006

thanks JYA,

some interesting tidbits:

'Klein Exhibit C speaks of a private tap? backbone network, which
appears to be partitioned from AT&T's main Internet backbone, the
CBB.[15]  This suggests the presence of a private network.  The most
plausible inference is that this was a covert network that was used to
ship data of interest to one or more central locations for still more
intensive analysis.  I return to the capabilities of the Tap?
Configurations later in this Declaration, under "Capabilities of the
Tap? Configuration."'

words with a '?' are my guess as to the censored content.

funny tidbit, they forgot to blank out "Narus" in "the Narus system"
in one spot, can you find it? :)

[let's play a game of fill in the blanks!]

interesting that on-network links were not tapped, as seems to be
inferred.  also interesting that AT&T began selling "internet protect"
that uses similar methods (profile/anomaly based).

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