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Eric Cordian emc at
Sat Jun 24 09:31:38 PDT 2006

"This query does not comply with Terms of Service"

Amusingly, you can't search for "pedophilia", but "paedophilia" works 
fine.  Apparently sexualizing European children isn't as filthy as 
sexualizing American children.

You can't search for "naked children", but the first hit on "lolita," 
which you can search for, is an advertisement for pictures of naked 

"Preventing child pornography" is a no-no. "Sex offenders" works.  
"Protecting kids from sex offenders" doesn't.

"Bestiality" is blocked.  But "sodomized by a horse" returns all sorts of 
hits, including one about a man who died of massive internal injuries 
while tresspassing at a stud farm.

Am I the only one who thinks is being silly here?  For every 
blocked term, there is an nearly identical unblocked term you can search 

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