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   [1]gabec asks: "This weekend my mother bought a grille lighter,
   something like this [2]butane lighter. The self-scanner at Kroger's
   locked itself up and paged a clerk, who had to enter our drivers
   license numbers into her kiosk before we could continue. Last week my
   girlfriend bought four peaches. An alert came up stating that peaches
   were a restricted item and she had to identify herself before being
   able to purchase such a decidedly high quantity of the dangerous
   fruit. [3]My video games spy on me, reporting the applications I run,
   the websites I visit, the accounts of the people I IM. My ISP [4]is
   being strong-armed into a two-year archive of each action I take
   online under the guise of catching pedophiles, [5]the companies I
   trust to free information are my enemies, [6]the people looking out
   for me are being watched. As if that weren't enough, [7]my own
   computer spies on me daily, [8]my bank has been compromised, [9]my
   phone is tapped--has been for [10]years--and [11]my phone company is
   A-OK with it. What's a guy that doesn't even consider himself paranoid
   to think of the current state of affairs?" The sad state of affairs is
   that Big Brother probably became a quiet part of our lives a lot
   earlier. The big question now is: how much worse can it get?

   Am I just accustomed to old ways? Does the new generation, born with
   these restrictions, feel the weight of these bonds and recoil from my
   fears as paranoia? What can I, a person with no political interests--a
   person that would really rather think that the people in office are
   there because they're looking out for us, our rights, and our freedoms
   and not because their short-sightedness is creating a police state--do
   to stem the tide?"


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