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Police Blotter: Laptop border searches OK'd]

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In the UK, it is a crime under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Act 2000 not to disclose a password, encryption key, session key, or
plaintext when required to do so by law enforcement. This applies both
to end parties in the communication, and intermediates (such as
telecommunication companies).

Note that some people have been known to perform a risk assessment, and
have elected the milder penalty associated with refusal to disclose,
rather than face the harsher penalties that come with conviction of the
crime that led to them being the target of investigation.

I have a feeling the the Police and Justice bill 2006 has some further
measures planned in this direction, but can't cite references at the

>Seems there might be some 'self-incriminatory' arguments here.
>Perhaps even an "unreasonable search" argument.  But IANAL.

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