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Good piece,

I have been following such developments from a distance for some
time, and in fact I won a journalism award for a piece I composed
four years ago on this subject.  One begins to understand if not
approve the actions of moralistic atomic traitors like Ted Hall who
gave away atomic secrets because they sincerely believed that no one
nation should command such power.  Unless one believes that the
intentions of the current and future conservative administrations in
Washington are wholly benign in the developing world, one cannot but
shudder to contemplate Robocop writ large.

For those for whom the power motive is paramount the thought of such
weapons systems must be as intoxicating as a blast of
methamphetamine.  For not only can military omniscience provide the
basis for annihilating force projection against foreign insurgents,
it can offer the means of utterly neutralizing principled political
opposition at home.  That such technology will not be used in that
matter is hardly certain in the light of recent NSA abuses.

There is however, some reason to believe that the nation may be
roused from this particular wet dream before reaching climax.  The
manufacture of semiconductors has already fled abroad to nations not
disposed to favor such an expansion of U.S. military capabilities,
and increasingly the design of semiconductors is fleeing to the same
places.  The relatively small size of the U.S. engineering community
compared to those of certain Asian nations might also work against
such a profound military asymmetry ultimately occurring.  In other
words, the U.S. might be losing the technology base to support such a
grand scheme.

Imagine if a Dominion Theology regime ascended to power in Washington
and thought to utilize armies of Golem against the infidel.  The
ironies are profound.

Daniel Sweeney

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