Possible to verify NK launch ? Is any communication possible ?

Jason Arnaute non_secure at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 14:42:25 PDT 2006

TV says NK has launched some missiles.

If I am not in the Sea of Japan, or in NK, etc., how
could I possibly verify that this is true, given the
near blackout of information into and out of NK ?

I don't want (at least not in this thread) to discuss
the possibility that it did not occur, but I _do_ want
to discuss the short term and long term mechanisms by
which I could decide whether it occurred.  Public
radar ?  Weather radar ?  Some tourist on a boat ?  Is
there any reason to expect that at some point I could
make an informed decision about this ?

My second question is, does anyone talk to anyone in
NK ?  Do they have mail ?  Do they have phones ?  If I
want to talk to someone (anyone) in NK, how would I go
about this ?  Is it completely impossible ?

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