Scott Marcus Declaration

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In case it's not well-known, an LGX is a Lightguide Distribution 
shelf...that's a passive box with lots of optical couplers in it...they can 
have 60 or more depending on the density. The splitter is normally placed 
behind the box, it's input and two outputs marked on the front. In general, 
most optical equipment is never directly connected to each other but 
connected through the LGX, otherwise things get unamangeable in the CO.


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>Subject: Re: Scott Marcus Declaration
>Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 17:39:28 -0700
>I don't know who else may be working on restoring redactions.
>Just pick a heavily redacted paragraph or page and post it here,
>retaining the paragraph number. We're moving very slowly on it.
>Exhibit A is not identifiable.
>Based on references by Marcus:
>Klein Exhibit B appears to be Wired's release of Klein's
>"Study Group 3, LGX/Splitter Wiring, San Francisco,
>Issue 1, 12/20/2002." This 4-page excerpt appears to be
>taken from a longer, 40-page document referred to by Marcus.
>Klein Exhibit C appears to be Wired's release of Klein's
>"SIMS, Splitter Cut-In and Test Procedures, Issue 2,
>01/13/03." This is a 4-page document.
>Most of the Klein and ATT documents are in this file:
>Or linked,  where we made an earlier stab at restoring Klein's
>Or the Exhibits B and C can be downloaded at Wired, Ryan
>Singel's blog.
>The recent Scott Marcus declaration, as noted earlier, is here:
>Klein's statement released through his lawyer is in the
>Cryptome file as well, or can be downloaded from Wired,
>Ryan Singel's blog.
>A lot of the Marcus redactions concern "SG3" and "LGX,"
>with SG3 customarily used with "Configuration." LGX
>usually refers to the "LGX room" or "LGX/Splitter" project.
>As Marcus notes, LGX is short for LGX/Splitter.
>After chewing the bone, it looks as though most of the stuff
>can be recovered or PG guessed.

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