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July 3, 2006 CONTACT: press at 2600.com +1 631 474 2677

2600 Magazine - The Hacker Quarterly is pleased to announce our upcoming
conference, HOPE Number Six, taking place in New York from July 21st to
23rd, 2006. HOPE stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, and these
conferences have become a gathering point for thousands of computer
hackers, phone phreaks, net activists, government spooks, and a whole
lot of curious people from all corners of the globe. The HOPE
conferences have been running since 1994.

HOPE Number Six will bring thousands of hackers together in the middle
of Manhattan for three complete days of speakers, demos, videos, and
workshops. Conference space in the Hotel Pennsylvania (Seventh Avenue
and 32nd Street, across from Penn Station) will be transformed into a
nexus for learning about hacker culture and seeing what hackers have
been working on lately. HOPE Number Six is open to anyone interested in
learning and participating.

The conference program includes three packed days of speakers with two
main speaker tracks and a third track scheduled on-site. Additional
space has been set aside for presentations, demonstrations, and
workshops. We will have a variety of vendors at the conference, and the
whole space will be connected by a huge computer network with extremely
high bandwidth.

Highlights include talks by free software pioneer Richard Stallman,
former punk rock singer turned spoken word artist Jello Biafra, the
former "most dangerous hacker in the world" Kevin Mitnick, Project
Gutenberg founder Michael Hart, former CIA operative Robert Steele, and
acclaimed private eye Steven Rambam.

Over 100 speakers will have presentations on a variety of topics
including computer hacking, phone phreaking, legal issues, wiretapping,
cryptography, urban exploring, lockpicking, and spying. In addition we
will present the return of a favorite panel: social engineering - or how
to get sensitive information from people who really ought to know
better. A live demonstration of how to do this is planned.

Additional talks include how to decode New York City's MetroCard, hacker
filmmaking techniques, and even a discussion of hacker cooking. A panel
of famous hackers who have gone to prison is also scheduled as is a
study of the European hacker scene. And, in a first, there will be a
"broadcast" of the WBAI hacker radio show "Off The Hook" in "indecent
mode," designed to demonstrate the absurdity of current FCC policies.

The New York debut of the Geek Comedy Tour 3000 will also be showcased
as will the world premiere of "Urchin," a feature length movie starring
several cast members from the hacker world. "The Lost Film Festival," a
three hour, culture jamming video showcase will return after being
featured at our last conference in 2004.

But speakers are only one part of the HOPE conference. Throughout the
huge complex, there will be such activities as Segway riding games, a
Capture The Flag competition, a showcase of ancient computer systems
known as retrocomputing, dramatic demonstrations of what Voice over IP
technology is capable of, and an Internet connection faster than any
ever seen at a hacker conference in the United States (more than 30
times faster than our last conference). Public terminals will also be on
hand for those who don't bring their own computers to tie into the

Running parallel to the HOPE conference on Saturday afternoon is the
Palltech Seminar, an intensive series of talks designed for
investigators, private eyes, law enforcement, and anyone else who's
interested. All of the speakers from this seminar will also appear at a
HOPE panel entitled "Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It."

Hackers are curious people who live to learn and share information with
others. Periodically, hackers like to meet up with like-minded people to
learn from each other. At every HOPE conference, a whole new generation
of hackers has been inspired to pursue knowledge and work on creative
projects. Non-hackers also come to HOPE and learn from the hackers. New
friendships and alliances are formed, and the world is hopefully changed
ever so slightly for the better. Each HOPE conference is unique and
incorporates new themes. HOPE has changed and grown substantially since
the first conference, and this one is going to be different from the
previous one. But one thing remains constant: it will be a fun and
memorable event.

To view the conference schedule, register for the conference, or get
further information, visit http://www.hopenumbersix.net


About 2600 Magazine: 2600, The Hacker Quarterly, has been in print since
1984. With a circulation of over 80,000, it is the voice of hackers in
the U.S. and beyond. 2600 Magazine has been organizing the HOPE
conferences since 1994. For other information, visit http://www.2600.com

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