FAQ: How to subscribe and or contribute to cypherpunks

Peter Thoenen eol1 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 13:37:47 PST 2006

--- "Riad S. Wahby" <rsw at jfet.org> wrote:
> If people are interested in setting up new nodes, bug me about
> writing a
> Cpunk Node Howto.

Consider this bugging you Riad.  Been telling myself to set one up for
years and just finished up my dedicated public use anon server.

(multihomed 3mbs server dedicated solely to tor, i2p, and freenet while
also running a Type II and III remailer (to include nymserv's for

Should go active next month .. still working a FBSD panic issue with
the bge driver which kills me once I hit around 500kbs constant.

Willl toss a cpunk node / remailer on it ... wont' help as this list is
dead / dying and all the orig members have:

a) fled
b) irrelevant
c) lunkin
d) got married, graduated college, and grew up.

but will do anyways.

NOTE: Prob going to mirror a couple sites for all those ppl that want
anon / pseudo anon viewing.  Right now will prob just mirror cryptome
as a .onion hidden server, .i2p eepsite, and freenet node.  Anybody
else have any mirror requests, let me know.

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