faa.gov flight info to your cellphone

Tim Nightwatch01 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 15 01:47:01 PST 2006

Bill Stewart wrote:

> So I'm sitting in the airport listening to the latest
> Vice Presidential Hunter Safety Program TV news,
> and there's a commercial about the FAA's www.fly.faa.gov website
> which lets you sign up to get near-real-time airport status information,
> including giving them your cellphone number to get updates.
> It looks fairly innocuous (and says to contact your airline
> for details about your specific flight, so it may not be fully 
> operational),
> and it also has a pointer to http://waittime.tsa.dhs.gov/index.html
> which is the TSA's site for getting estimated papers-in-order wait time.
> Are these purely honest services (maybe)?
> Or are the TSA Internal Passport folks tracking travellers
> who provide their info (maybe, maybe not, but if not,
> they'll certainly start abusing them once they realize they can)?

  Obviously you're wasting time asking a stupid rhetorical question, 
since clearly you're
a paranoid loon.

  What malfeasance will the government in your fantasyland perform on 
the hundreds, or thousands
of people each day who might utilize the service to find out in general 
how the airport is functioning
at any particular time?

  Are you ASSuming that anyone who voluntarily gives their phone # & a 
flight # is
going to be expected to be a passenger on that flight, & thus subjected 
to whatever government evils
your sad little mind creates?    In the real world, plenty of friends, 
spouses, co-workers, etc. of the
traveling party may also *volunteer* to give their phone # & a flight # 
to check the flight.  Flight updates
SMS'ed yo cellular phones have already been done for years directly 
through most of the major airlines.

  Perhaps the FAA should cancel the service, in order for you to sleep 
better at night...

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