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In its latest issue, Newsweek describes the Son of TIA.  You *just*
knew that the Pentagon wouldn't really kill TIA...

One paragraph from the article:
"Yet today, very quietly, the core of TIA survives with a new codename
of Topsail (minus the futures market), two officials privy to the
intelligence tell NEWSWEEK. It is in programs like these that real
data mining is going on andbconsidering the furor over TIAbwith fewer
intrusions on civil liberties than occur under the NSA surveillance
program. "It's the best thing to come out of American intelligence in
decades," says John Arquilla, an intelligence expert at the Naval
Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. "It is truly Poindexter's
brainchild. Of all the people in the intelligence business, he has the
keenest appreciation of using advanced information technology for
intelligence gathering." Poindexter, who lives just outside Washington
in Rockville, Md., could not be reached for comment on whether he is
still involved with Topsail."


Bob Devine
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