anonymity for principals

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Thu Feb 9 19:42:43 PST 2006

My first grader's school newletter mentioned anonymity as a problem
for net-enabled kids.   Predators, horseman, etc., you know the

I wrote a reply (cc'd to more than her principal so it was not
ignorable) explaining that anonymity is possible with fax, phone,
and snailmail, and that it was a fundamental American right
(albeit I restrained from using the radical concept of a right,
clearly usurped by a dumbass Yale graduate who's killed
more than Atta, an army of one)
in principle and practice to express oneself without

A trivial reply to a trivial offense but one must keep the faith.
Been a while since I've pulled a crucifix from the roadside,
ya know.

(The flying spaghetti monster kinda faith, of course, but still.)

[Direct questions about "why State schools" to dev/null and
save us all some trouble]

Maybe I should fax some dead Iraqi kids to them...

Impeach or frag.

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