[Clips] Swiss Fight Against Tax Cheats Aids Singapore's Banking Quest

John Young jya at cryptome.net
Mon Feb 6 11:54:00 PST 2006

Right, nobody can trace the funds movement for all transactions
are concealed by today's Crypto AG totally trustworthy
concealment. Wink.

Banks lie as a matter of policy no matter their location.
Capitalists know this and endorse the promulagation of
faith-based security to the yokels who rely upon public
media for information while they use other means to
hide their assets.

A means and method used by governments long before
the Swiss and the Singaporeans agreed to serve as
spin doctors for a small fee kiss and tell.

Stuff your mattress with plutonium, or what you swear
on a stack of Korans is PU, and peddle it to aspiring 
WMD strutters awash in oil booty. Inshallah.

WSJ is such a booster of illusionary wealth ops you'd
think they worked for both sides of Wall Street, the profiteers
and the regulators, criminals needing cops to keep property
values inflated and job security.

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