CP Sighting: Vista security spec 'longest suicide note in history'

sunder sunder at sunder.net
Sat Dec 30 14:09:17 PST 2006

No, actually, it doesn't.  Sun tried this with java terminals and the
like.  Not too many bought into them.  WebTV tried this, not too many
bought into it.  (Yes, I know the beast of redmond bought them.)   Many
other companies got behind the various thin clients, it didn't take off.

Odds are it won't as it's the same rehashed idea.  In the end people
vote with their wallets, and very very few showed any interest in just
another terminal.

Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
> What OS? Think X terminals, with HTTP substituting for the X protocol.
> It's an ideal consumer medium, too.  All that's available is what the
> servers offer, with no chance for local wizard-wannabees to install
> software that doesn't follow the rules.  Hmm... sounds like a set-top
> box, doesn't it?

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