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At 3:44 AM -0500 12/7/06, Ulex Europae wrote:
>Oh, horse shit. Physics predates everything but it the last to be
>discovered and explored. Law and Religion are inexorably twined. The
>predecessor of religion, superstition, gives rise to many things.
>Finance and Politics are after-effects of everything else.

There ya go, conflating academic subjects with physical phenomena, again.
Physics, physical phenomena, causes ideas, not the other way around.

>Again: you demonstrate why that code is not widespread already. Ted
>wrote code. It still isn't widespread. Why fucking not?

Because the code didn't work. That's why.

Syntactically it compiled, semantically, it failed in the "usefulness" step.

So. Again. Sue everyone you want. Pass all the laws you want. Send all the
people to jail you want.

If someone writes code (physics), and it makes enough money (finance), then
the laws will change (legislation, politics), and people will change their
minds (philosophy, ethics, religion).

Physics causes Finance, which causes Philosophy.

Got it?


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