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Igor Sharifulin igor at
Mon Dec 4 17:36:36 PST 2006

Our company need US partners for drop shipping.
We buy electronics in USA and resell for our clients in Russia.

We have contracts with US resellers but unfortunately this resselers not supportingshipping to other country then US. 
You will receiving packages.
We have own USPS account we will pay for shipping to Russia and e-mail you shipping.Go to any USPS store and ship package
to Russia within 1-2 days
we will pay money for your work via PayPal or via western union:
Small packages and letters - 20$ per package.
Normal packages more than 5 lbs - 40$ per package.
Our partners ship about 10-15 packages per week.

About PayPal. We need to receive payments from of our clients 
via PayPal. We don't have paypal account, we use RUPay in 
Russia. Your job - accept paypal payment from our client to 
your paypal account. You will take 90% and send Western Union 
to our manager in Moscow. You will earn 10% from amount. All 
taxes from our part.

Please, send us information for start:

First name:
Last name:
Zip code:
Cell phone:
Home phone:
E-Mail registered with verified paypal account:

Our contact e-mail: resume at

Thank You!

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