Blood, Bullets, Bombs and Bandwidth

R.A. Hettinga rah at
Sun Oct 30 17:00:15 PST 2005

At 11:59 PM +0000 10/30/05, Justin wrote:
>Tyler likes the high-speed lifestyle so much that he ditched it and
>moved to London?

He and Jayme are back in Kurdistan, now. Don't know for how long, though.
He's teaching a new class of engineers, including crypto and security
stuff. Watched their jaws drop when he 'em how to break WEP, that kind of

They handed him his Browning at the airfield when he landed. :-)

Of course, they're touchy-feely liberals through-and-through, but here's
hoping they've learned a little about anarchocapitalism having watched it
firsthand, albeit temporarily.


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