Multiple passports?

Gregory Hicks ghicks at
Sat Oct 29 21:17:25 PDT 2005

> Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 03:05:25 +0000
> From: Justin <justin-cypherpunks at>
> If I apply for a new one now, and then apply for a another one once
> the gov starts RFID-enabling them, will the first one be
> invalidated?  Or can I have two passports, the one without RFID to
> use, and the one with RFID to play with?

I am not a State Dept person, but my experiences in this are...

If you get a new one, the old one has to accompany the application and
is invalidated when the new one is issued.  (Invalidated by stamping
the 'data' page with big red block letters "INVALID".)  The old, now
invalid is returned with the new one...

The only people that I knew that had two passports were those with an
"Official" (red) passport or a "Diplomatic" (black) passport.  If they
wanted to go play tourist, they had to also have a "tourist" (Blue)

As for applying for one now, I think the deadline for the non-RFID
passwords is about 3 days away (31 Oct 2005), but I could be wrong.
(In other words, if your application is not in processing by 31 Oct,
then you get the new, improved, RFID passport.)

Gregory Hicks

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