cypherpunks at closing on 11/1

cyphrpunk cyphrpunk at
Fri Oct 21 22:18:08 PDT 2005

On 10/13/05, Brian Minder <bmm at> wrote:
> The CDR node will be shutting down on November 1, 2005.  This
> includes the cypherpunks-moderated list.  Please adjust your subscriptions
> accordingly.

Gmail would facilitate automating a new cypherpunks-moderated list.
Gmail's spam filtering is great and even a regular cypherpunks
subscription has almost no spam.

Sign up a gmail account and subscribe it only to cypherpunks. Use the
POP interface to fetch message from gmail, and redistribute those to
the new cypherpunks-moderated list. Subscribers gain the anti spam
features of cp-moderated without any manual filtering or moderating


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