Venona not all decrypted?

Greg Rose ggr at
Tue Oct 4 10:13:32 PDT 2005

At 16:20 2005-10-03 -0400, R.A. Hettinga wrote:
>I just heard that the Venona intercepts haven't all been decrypted, and
>that the reason for that was there "wasn't enough budget to do so".
>Is that "not enough budget" to apply the one-time pads they already have,
>or is that the once-and-futile exercise of "decrypting" ciphertext with no
>one-time pad to go with it?

Here's my understanding of how Venona worked, and why budget would be 
a problem. I could be completely off base, though.

The OTPs were only very occasionally misused, by being used more than 
once. So the breaks occurred when two separate messages, or possibly 
fragments of messages, were combined in such a way as to cancel out 
the OTP, then the resulting running-key cipher was solved to yield 
the two messages. I don't think that the NSA had access to the pads 
themselves, except after having recovered the messages (and hence the 
pad for those messages). So there really isn't likelihood that that 
pad would be reused even more times.

To detect that a pad has been reused, you basically have to line up 
two ciphertexts at the right places, combine them appropriately, and 
run a statistical test on the result to see if it shows significant 
bias. This is an O(n^2.m) problem, where n is the number of units to 
be tested (maybe whole messages, maybe pages of OTP, maybe at the 
character level? Who knows?) and m represents enough text to reliably 
detect a collision. There was a very large amount of intercepted 
data, and it's presumably all stored on tapes somewhere, so that n^2 
factor probably involves actually mounting tapes and stuff.

But in a way, you're right; it should, with today's technology, be 
possible to just read all the tapes once onto a big RAID, and set the 
cluster to work for a year or two.


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