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New US intelligence center to exploit publicly available information

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (PG) - US intelligence chief John Negroponte announced
Tuesday the creation of a new CIA-managed center to exploit publicly
available information for intelligence purposes.

The so-called Open Source Center will gather and analyze information from a
host of sources from the Internet and commercial databases to newspapers,
radio, video, maps, publications and conference reports.

Douglas Naquin, the center's director, said it will build on the work of the
CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service, which once monitored and
translated foreign radio brodcasts but has since expanded its reach to other

He said a key difference will be that the center aims to spread its findings
and expertise across the US intelligence community, which consists of 15

"Generally what we go against is what's going to have the biggest
intelligence impact where open sources can play an important role that
either may or may not be covered by more clandestine intelligence activity
or will augment it in some way," he told AFP.

The FBIS' strength has been in tracking media trends that show, for
instance, how foreign publics are responding to particular US policies.

But in recent years a group at the FBIS also has been applying data mining
techniques to analyze massive volumes of informaiton on the Internet or
commercial databases, Naquin said.

He said they are "trying to use what we call the volume problem against
itself in some type of judo fashion -- you know, the more volume the better
-- so we can kind of get some sense of where the trends are and what the
buzz is on certain topics, or who's connected to whom."

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