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 Hi all,

 Marit and myself are happy to announce

    Anonymity, Unlinkability, Unobservability,
    Pseudonymity, and Identity Management -
    A Consolidated Proposal for Terminology
    (Version v0.24   Nov. 21, 2005)

 for download at

 We incorporated clarification of whether organizations are subjects
 or entities; suggestion of the concept of linkability brokers by
 Thomas Kriegelstein; clarification on civil identity proposed by Neil

 But most importantly: The terminology made it to another language.

    Stefanos Gritzalis, Christos Kalloniatis:
    Translation of essential terms to Greek

 Many thanx to both of them, in accompany with our kind request to
 translate two newly introduced terms.

 Translations to further languages are welcome.

 Enjoy - and we are happy to receive your feedback.

 Marit and Andreas

 Andreas Pfitzmann

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