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Eh. It's Cisco. Shouldn't be too hard to write an app that will lie to this 
network about where you are.

And then, of course, I'm not yet convinced it's impossible to lie (through 
layers 6 and 7) to such a network, even built of impervious software.

And of course, the moment some other company builds a different and 
overlapping network, all bets are off.


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>After reading the press release about Cisco's new low-cost wifi mesh
>systems, built from tecchnologies developed by Airespace.com ( cisco is
>a prinsipal investor)
>I was clicking around for technical specs, I came across this:  Besides
>mesh networks, Airespace offers central location surveillance capabilty
>to do [imprecise] tracking of users' and devices in realitme in an
>Airespace (cisco?) Wi-fi network.
>"Airespace uses advanced RF fingerprinting technology to identify and
>track users to within 10 meters of their exact location - anywhere they
>roam throughout an enterprise environment. This enables IT staff to
>establish access control policies that are based on geographic location,
>immediately identify the source of unauthorized WLAN activity such as
>rogue Access Points,"
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