Arnie spoofing, stateworker idiocy, privacy

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Wed Nov 9 16:01:24 PST 2005

Come on! This is a May trollTale!

You're telling me that the dumb m*therf*ckers that program these systems 
allowed for a mere test to fully replicate the voting identity of the 
Governer? Seems to me too that the original test vote will count.

Maybe doesn't "need killing" (as that would reinforce state legitimacy in 
this case) but someone  surely needs a bad beating.

Like I said: 1984 is not the most probable future. "Brazil" is.


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>Subject: Arnie spoofing, stateworker idiocy, privacy
>Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 19:40:24 -0800
>Schwarzenegger Hits Snag at Polling Place
>By Robert Salladay, Times Staff Writer
>SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to his Brentwood
>neighborhood polling station today to cast his ballot in the special
>election  and was told he had already voted.
>Elections officials said a Los Angeles County poll worker had entered
>Schwarzenegger's name into an electronic voting touch screen station in
>Pasadena on Oct. 25. The worker, who was not identified, was testing the
>voting machine in preparation for early voting that began the next day.
>Somehow, Schwarzenegger's name was then placed on a list of people who
>had already voted, said Conny B. McCormack, the Los Angeles County
>Schwarzenegger's aides were informed of the problem when they arrived
>this morning to survey the governor's polling station. The poll worker
>told the governor's staff he would have to use a "provisional" ballot
>that allows elections workers to verify if two votes were made by the
>same person. McCormack said the poll worker did the correct thing.

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