[Clips] The "Other" Ester: Anonymity-- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Tue Nov 8 08:44:24 PST 2005

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> > Anonymity: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
> > Esther Dyson
> >
> > It's ironic that the Web once seemed to promise individuals new
> > opportunities to explore the world without showing their face. Instead, it
> > is turning out to be a powerful force against anonymity.
> [[...]]
> Am I the only one that finds it ironic that
> (a) this site wanted to set a cookie, and
> (b) it wants a registration to show me more than the first paragraph?
> No thanks -- my policy is not to view "free" stories that require
> registration.

I could not agree more.  I got as far as seeing the "registration
required to read the rest of the article" and quit...  Guess I could try 

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