[dave at farber.net: [IP] govt surveillance - it's not just for terrorists and liberals]

cyphrpunk cyphrpunk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 13:19:31 PST 2005

These kinds of claims always strike me as bullshit. Remember the one
the other day about how they wanted his elementary school records and
all that crap? There's always something weird in there. Like this:

> It lists where I sent to school, the name and address of the first
> wife that I had been told was dead but who is alive and well and
> living in Montana

What the hell? He had been told that his first wife was dead but now
finds out that she's alive and well and living in Montana? What kind
of a life does someone lead, to have stuff like this happen to them?
It's not credible to me, it's something out of a Hunter Thompson

> "Much of this information was gathered through what we call 'national security
> letters,'" he said. "It allows us to gather information from a variety of sources."

And what a coincidence, national security letters are in the news
today, the ACLU and others are putting out all kinds of press
releases. Funny timing, huh?

They watch his Tivo recordings? They know he's not buying beer? It's
just a fabrication, red meat for conspiracy nuts, throwing together
every wet dream they ever had into one massive, steaming pile.

And people around here just eat it up!  Yum, yum.


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