On the orthogonality of anonymity to current market demand

Travis H. solinym at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 23:09:02 PST 2005

I'd recommend DRM (I think what you really mean is Palladium, err,
excuse me, the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, see the web site
and Ross Anderson's take on it) to my grandmother, because I don't
trust her to understand the implications of clicking on something in
an email (thank you active content!).  Many OSes don't allow ordinary
users the privileges of compromising their security so easily as
Microsoft.  I suppose we can rely on vendor-written code to do
approximately what it claims to do, most of the time, but have you
actually read the claims in EULAs and Privacy Policies lately?

It seems like you'd be trading one set of problems for another. 
Personally, I'm less suprised by my own software (and, presumably,
key-handling) than vendor software, most of the time.  I think TCPA is
about control, and call me paranoid, but ultimate control isn't
something I'm willing to concede to any vendor, or for that matter any
other person.  I like knowing what my computer is doing, to the bit
and byte level, or at least being able to find out.
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