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Posted by: CmdrTaco, on 2005-05-29 16:07:00

   from the finally-i-have-to-ask-why dept.
   [1]Anil Kandangath writes "A Japanese firm has shown off new
   technology that enables GPS units to be embedded [2]in clothing that
   will enable the wearer to be tracked continuously. The device is thin
   enough to be tacked on unobtrusively and is powered by a thin watch
   battery. It is also capable of taking biometric measurements and
   [3]transmitting them PCs and handheld devices. Though marketed as a
   device to enable people to keep track of spouses, how long before such
   technology becomes intrusive in our lives?" Like tracking your spouse
   is ok?. What a world!


   1. http://www.ecogito.net/anil
   2. http://forgetmenotpanties.contagiousmedia.org/
   3. http://forgetmenotpanties.contagiousmedia.org/sensatech.html

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