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Roy M. Silvernail roy at
Thu May 26 12:55:56 PDT 2005

Justin wrote:
> On 2005-05-26T13:17:38-0400, Tyler Durden wrote:
>>OK, what's the best way to put up a website anonymously?
> Tor?  It's not immune from traffic analysis, but it's nearly the best
> you can do to hide the server's location/isp from clients.

i2p is another possibility.

> You can try, but good physical anonymity for commerce is difficult
> unless you construct a fake identity good enough that you can use it to
> open bank accounts... without leaving any compromising fingerprints that
> your bank can turn over to the authorities.

Assuming you want your own SLD name, yes.  But if you can be satisfied 
with a third-level, there are a lot of domains at 
that will let you tag on a subdomain with just a registration (and you 
can probably supply a address).  Then just add a web 
forward pointing to the Tor gateway.
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