Practical AP

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Tue May 24 18:52:09 PDT 2005

>>Declan, tonight I dined with a major spam fighter and he said he
had direct confirmation of the fact that the vast bulk of spam
is sent by a small number of parties, perhaps 200 at most, and
the bulk of that by a core group of about 20.<<

This from Politech.  The author goes on to suggest legal action
against the 200.

Of course, this is fascist, counter to the US's first amendment.

A far more moral solution is to fund AP against the spammers,
including some due diligence to assure that the future corpses
are in fact the ones desired.

Consider a penny per spam per person.  Consider only a thousandth
cooperation-rate by spammees.  Bush (et al)'s  bounty on Osama et al.
would pale in comparison --and actually be acted on, instead of
it being a badge of honor for the targeted.

That was a *live* one, George.

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