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Posted by: Cliff, on 2005-05-13 19:38:00

   from the browsing-without-regard-for-politics dept.
   [1]DocMurphy asks: "I'm working with some dissidents who are looking
   for ways to use the Internet from within repressive regimes. Many have
   in-home Internet access, but think it too risky to participate in
   pro-freedom activities on home PCs. Internet cafis are also available,
   but although fairly anonymous, every machine may be infected with
   keystroke loggers that give governments access to and knowledge of
   'banned' sites. Dissidents not only want to remain anonymous
   themselves, but also wish to not compromise the sites they access. Any
   suggestions for products/procedures/systems out there making anonymous
   access & publishing a reality under repressive regime run Internet


   1. mailto:ahb_yhwh at hotmail.com

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