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A.Melon juicy at
Sun May 15 18:42:41 PDT 2005


This is the sixth release candidate for the 0.1.0.x series. This is an
actual release candidate--it's going to be the final release if there
are no bugs--we promise. :) We fixed the last known major problems:
we don't use threading on netbsd now, and the new libevent 1.1 detects
and disables the broken kqueue that ships with OS X 10.4.0.

Libevent 1.1 also has __significant__ performance improvements if you're
using poll or select. Try it, you'll like it.

Please report any bugs, either in the installers or in Tor operation, so
we can get it perfect for an actual release:

  o Bugfixes:
    - Implement --disable-threads configure option. Disable threads on
      netbsd by default, because it appears to have no reentrant resolver
    - Apple's OS X 10.4.0 ships with a broken kqueue. The new libevent
      release (1.1) detects and disables kqueue if it's broken.
    - Append default exit policy before checking for implicit internal
      addresses. Now we don't log a bunch of complaints on startup
      when using the default exit policy.
    - Some people were putting "Address  " in their torrc, and they had
      a buggy resolver that resolved " " to Oops.
    - If DataDir is ~/.tor, and that expands to /.tor, then default to
      LOCALSTATEDIR/tor instead.
    - Fix fragmented-message bug in
    - Resolve a minor bug which would prevent unreachable dirports
      from getting suppressed in the published descriptor.
    - When the controller gave us a new descriptor, we weren't resolving
      it immediately, so Tor would think its address was until
      we fetched a new directory.
    - Fix an uppercase/lowercase case error in suppressing a bogus
      libevent warning on some Linuxes.

  o Features:
    - Begin scrubbing sensitive strings from logs by default. Turn off
      the config option SafeLogging if you need to do debugging.
    - Switch to a new buffer management algorithm, which tries to avoid
      reallocing and copying quite as much. In first tests it looks like
      it uses *more* memory on average, but less cpu.
    - First cut at support for "create-fast" cells. Clients can use
      these when extending to their first hop, since the TLS already
      provides forward secrecy and authentication. Not enabled on
      clients yet.
    - When dirservers refuse a router descriptor, we now log its
      contactinfo, platform, and the poster's IP address.
    - Call tor_free_all instead of connections_free_all after forking, to
      save memory on systems that need to fork.
    - Whine at you if you're a server and you don't set your contactinfo.
    - Implement --verify-config command-line option to check if your torrc
      is valid without actually launching Tor.
    - Rewrite address "serifos.exit" to "localhost.serifos.exit"
      rather than just rejecting it.


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