Terrorist-controlled cessna nearly attacks washington

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Wed May 11 12:19:31 PDT 2005


> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fighter jets scrambled over Washington and
> authorities hurriedly evacuated the White House and the U.S. Congress
> on Wednesday when an unidentified plane roamed into restricted
> airspace, sparking fears of a Sept. 11-style attack.
> The light private Cessna ignored calls from air traffic controllers and
> entered the restricted zone around Washington, coming within 3 miles of
> the Capitol before turning away, authorities said.
> The plane's approach sent at least two F-16 fighter jets into the air
> over the U.S. capital and hundreds of staff and tourists into the
> streets outside the Capitol building, White House and Supreme Court in
> an urgent evacuation.
> Capitol police swiftly moved senators, aides, lobbyists and
> journalists toward Union Station, about two blocks away. Police used
> bullhorns to order onlookers near the Capitol to "stay away from the
> building."

new terrorist target: Union Station

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