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>This is an interesting trial.  Men with guns.
>Tessa and Larken Rose may be sent to jail.
>Watch 3 min. - video - http://www.861.info/tessa.html
>Trial starts July 11th.  There is a petition to encourage that it be 

While anyone can empathize with their desire not to pay taxes and
many of us can even disagree with the moral justification for taxes,
these people are idiots.  Their entire case boils down to quibbles
over arguably poorly worded regulations.  And even if you take their
argument at face value, if you go read the sections of the Code of
Federal Regulations they cite, they're just plain wrong: they're willfully
misreading the plain language of the regulations.  (Okay, "plain
language" is probably not the right phrase to apply to any part of
the CFR, but...)

They're definitely going down; probably to jail, but at the least they'll
be subject to massive fines, property seizures, etc.

"Nothing to see here, folks; move along."


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