[rationalchatter] Interesting Trial - IRS trial - July 11th (fwd)

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Yeah...it's pretty fuckin' pointless. Tantamount to proving a guy pointing a 
gun at you is actually pointing a gun at you, TO the guy pointing the gun at 


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>>Subject: [rationalchatter] Interesting Trial - IRS trial - July 11th
>>This is an interesting trial.  Men with guns.
>>Tessa and Larken Rose may be sent to jail.
>>Watch 3 min. - video - http://www.861.info/tessa.html
>>Trial starts July 11th.  There is a petition to encourage that it be 
>While anyone can empathize with their desire not to pay taxes and
>many of us can even disagree with the moral justification for taxes,
>these people are idiots.  Their entire case boils down to quibbles
>over arguably poorly worded regulations.  And even if you take their
>argument at face value, if you go read the sections of the Code of
>Federal Regulations they cite, they're just plain wrong: they're willfully
>misreading the plain language of the regulations.  (Okay, "plain
>language" is probably not the right phrase to apply to any part of
>the CFR, but...)
>They're definitely going down; probably to jail, but at the least they'll
>be subject to massive fines, property seizures, etc.
>"Nothing to see here, folks; move along."
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