[IP] Real ID = National ID (fwd from dave at farber.net)

Justin justin-cypherpunks at soze.net
Mon May 9 12:55:26 PDT 2005

On 2005-05-09T12:22:22-0700, cypherpunk wrote:
> We already have de facto national ID in the form of our state driver's
> licenses. They are accepted at face value at all 50 states as well as
> by the federal government. Real ID would rationalize the issuing
> procedures and require a certain minimum of verification. Without it
> we have security that is only as strong as the weakest state's
> policies.

States should be free to regulate DRIVERS however they want.  The DL was
not meant to be an ID card, and if it was that intent was
unconstitutional.  The entire DL scheme may be unconstitutional anyway,
but oh well.

What do we need "security" for?  We need security because a lot of
people hate the U.S., and because we won't close our borders, and
because society has become too diverse.  There is a significant
correlation between cultural diversity/proximity and social unrest.
That does not require people of different races; put white klansmen next
to white members of the Black Panthers and you have the same thing.

None of those three core problems will be solved by RealID.  Therefore,
while RealID may make some difference at the margins, it cannot be very

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