zombied ypherpunks (Re: Email Certification?)

Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Sun May 8 09:46:46 PDT 2005

--- Anonymous <nobody at paranoici.org> wrote:
> > > And then, of course, in the off chance they can't actually break the
> > > message under that flag, they can merely send a guy out with
> > > binoculars or whatever.
> > Don't forget about rubber-hose cryptanlysis.  Rumour has it that
> > method is preferred in many cases since it makes the code-breakers
> > feel good by way of testosterone release.
> Guns.  You may not be able to kill them, but you may be able to force
> them to kill you.

If they're using rubber hoses, they're probably going to kill you anyways.
 Hoses leave marks, of course, and if there's one thing a spook hates, it
is leaving evidence of his or her passage.  Unless his or her mission is
about leaving visible traces, of course.



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