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Sun May 8 09:23:18 PDT 2005

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> --- Steve Thompson scribbled:
> > --- Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at> wrote:
[incinerating the evidence]
> > > What's wrong with this idea?
> The Alabama hillbilly remains free to harass you the next time
> you pass through the area.

Don't you think it's a little insensitive to stereotype pigs in that
particular way?  What if they were to read this online and somehow link it
to your real name?

> > Who gives a shit?  Much better to pay off the cops ahead of time so
> they
> > won't inconvenience your criminal activities.
> Do you pay off every cop in the US or merely every cop within
> twenty miles of your drug route?

Whatever it takes, of course.  

But in practice, there are minimising techniques that will tend to reduce
the requirement of paying off every pig in the continental US of A.  For
instance, if you have the means you might choose to establish a culture of
privilage and exclusivity (perhaps via allocating scarce 'access') among
the pig population in which the payoffs are only given to pigs who
demonstrate loyalty to your drug empire over time.  Various selection
criterion would apply:  don't ask, don't tell; not too greedy; length of
service; consistent and courteous attitude.  Rookie pigs would have a file
opened, and their service record updated each time they interact with your
drug cartel's employees.  After some arbitrary period, or after the
accumulation of enough 'points', pigs would start receiving cash payoffs
and perhaps other perqs.

As you might imagine, there would need be a detailed and sophisticated
system described in order to make for a complete system, and I do not
propose to make an exhaustive list of requirements here.  I simply think
that it could be done if your organisation was sufficiently competent.

> SOP is to drive unregistered or stolen cars with license removed.
> Keep a fake "new car" paper license in the rear windshield. With
> no way to connect you to the vehicle, response to a traffic stop
> should be obvious. No need to stop the car if you have a
> passenger and a few scoped and unscoped battle rifles. Sunroof
> optional but recommended. Be prepared to repaint the car.

> It is unnecessary to have a belt-fed AR or m249 with several
> thousand rounds mounted in the trunk facing backwards. Using a
> turn signal or windshield wiper lever to aim is awkward, and so
> is explaining away bullet holes in tail lights when you're pulled
> over for that later.

I confess that I don't really understand the obsessive preoccupation you
people have with firearms.  They have their place, of course, as everyone
understands the occasional necessity of a well-placed load of number-four
buckshot (to the knees, usually), but guns are above all else, a tool. 
And they aren't the only tool in the arsenel.

Far too many people are sidetracked in this way, however, and it's a

Just once, can't we have a nice polite discussion about the logicstics and
planning side of large criminal enterprise?




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