spoofing for dyslexic

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 16:21:45 PDT 2005

Just a tiny interesting operation found out via routine misspelling that can
breed paranoia in idle minds:

sprint has smtp to SMS gateway for its customers running at
messaging.sprintpcs.com, so if you e-mail to 
tendigitnumber at messaging.sprintpcs.com the user gets message on the phone.

Interestingly enough, there is also valid domain messaging.sprintpsc.com (note
the swapped last two letters) that resolves to no less than 8 IP addresses.
Someone wants it really reliable:


sprintpsc.com is operated by po-box identified entity:

 Acme Mail
 Box 455
 Miami, FL 33265

and of course messages sent to tendigitnumber at messaging.sprintpcs.com do not
end up on sprint's subscriber handset.

Could be completely coincidental, of course.

(of original message)

Y-a*h*o-o (yes, they scan for this) spam follows:

Discover Yahoo! 
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