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Mon May 2 12:26:18 PDT 2005

Yeah, but these days, I'd go with the largest flash drive I could 
afford.  USB2 or otherwise.  I don't believe you can recover data from 
these once you actually overwrite the bits (anyone out there know any 

They're either 1 or 0, there's no extra ferrite molecules to the left or 
the right of the track to pick up a signal from  ;-)  As always encrypt 
the data you write to the device. 

I wouldn't overwrite flash repeatedly (i.e. the Guttman method of 35 
writes) though, there's a limit on the number of writes, after which it 
goes bad.  I'd overwrite it once with random data.

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>Rendering Drives Completely Unreadable Can be Difficult

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