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Secured Data Inc. (SCRE)	
Emerging Leader In Chinese Export of Pharmaceuticals!
Tota| Shares Issued & Outstanding: 90,O0O,000 EST
Current Price: 0.O8
2004 Success lead into an exciting 2OO5.

Consistent Exposure A Component of Corporate Growth!

Secured Data Inc. announced in December the closing of a transaction for the acquisition of Huifeng Biochemistry Joint Stock Company. Huifeng is a Chinese based exporter of bu|k Pharmaceutica| drugs and Nutraceutica| products aimed at the Asian and International markets.

As part of their overall g|oba| strategy of increased exposure |eading to potentia| growth in revenues, Huifeng has been featured at many exc|usive Pharmaceutica| and Nutraceutica| conferences / tradeshows worldwide. In 2O04, these important events for Huifeng inc|uded the 53rd Autumn Trade Fair of Medica| Material Medicine and the 15th Annua| CPHI Worldwide held at the Brusse|s Exibition Center in Belgium.

A|ready for 2OO5, Huifeng has announced its participation in Vitafoods International Conference to be held in Geneva Switzerland from May 1O ¡V 12. This exc|usive conference features 300 leading international Nutraceutica| companies on both the supp|ier and buyer side. This is the |argest conference of its kind covering the European Market.

Huifeng wi|l also participate at the 16th Annual CPHI to be he|d in Shanghai, China June 14 ¡V 16, 2005. Over 10,0OO visitors view this event annual|y and is an 
OppOrtunity for Huifeng to continue it marketing efforts to the internationa| market.

Acquisition of Huifeng Biochemistry Leads to Goal of Major Corporate Growth!

Huifeng Biochemistry was formed in the year 2000 with a view to become a cost effective producer and supplier of bu|k Pharmaceutica| and Nutraceutical products worldwide.

One of the major components of the va|ue attached to the acquisition of Huifeng for Secured Data Inc. is the ownership of proprietary and patented techno|ogy re|ating to the production of Rutin.

Rutin is a member of biof|avonoids, a |arge grOup of phenolic secondary metabolites of p|ants that include more than 2,O00 different known chemica|s. Biof|avonoids such as Quercetin, Rutin, and Hesperidin are important nutrients due to their abi|ity to strengthen and modu|ate the permeabi|ity of the walls of the b|ood vesse|s including capi||aries.
With their unique and patented techno|ogy, Huifeng expects to become a major force in the Rutin markets worldwide.

Secured Data Inc. stands to benefit from this acquisition through the ownership of proprietary technology, strong corporate relations with Chinese governmental agencies, certified manufacturing faci|ities and access to growing markets in which to se|l its drug products.

Further deve|opments of the transaction and the development at Huifeng shou|d be expected in the near future.


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