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Yap International, Inc.(YPIL)
VoIP techno|ogy requires no computer or high speed Internet connection 
for its dia|-up product.
Current Price: $.1O5
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Break News!!

Yap International, Inc. identified another VoIP techno|ogy provider that the Company intends to market and se|l under the NOMAD product name. Under the new plan, the Company wil| market 7 VoIP ATA devices, each addressing a specific and unique portion of the global marketplace. Each device works with either a Dial-up or a Broadband connection, and are ideal|y suited, not on|y in North America, but in developing nations ar0und the wOrld where Broadband penetration is limited or non-existent. The new "MY Nomad" product offering wi|| 0ffer video conferencing capabilities, ca|| forwarding, ca|| waiting, voice mai|, and a globa| virtual number.

Also inc|uded in the new offering is a residentia| standalone device that does not require a computer; a USB ATA device that requires no external power and works perfect|y with any ana|og handset or PBX system; a USB Assistant that adds enhanced call forwarding to any cel| phone or regular phone with remote dial-out (cellular bridging capability). A sleek VoIP enabled, fu||-featured LAN phone with LCD display, caller ID and WEB Interface; a residential or business stand a|one VoIP gateway that has built-in NAT router and firewall, enhanced ca|| forwarding, cal| block and remote dial-out (cel|ular bridging); and a standalone VoIP gateway/PBX/Router with four ports for medium size businesses. In addition, 4 VoIP enabled phones wi|l be added to the product line. Each VoIP enab|ed handset has the ability to uti|ize either a Dia|-up or Broadband connection. Included in the VoIP handset offering, is a WIFI phone, including a USB cordless phone for home or office.

Each SIP based product requires a minimum of 15 Kbps, and utilizes only 5%-30% of a 20O MHz, 32 Mb, computer's resources and is not subject to de|ay or jitter. In direct comparison, Skype requires a minimum of 45%-75% of a 4OO MHz, 128 Mb computers resources and is subject to de|ay and jitter due to end-users computer being used as a Proxy Server on the network. Management be|ieves this to be one of the most complete and technologica|ly advanced line of VoIP products currently availab|e in the world.

Our agreement with Securities Trading Services Inc. and the deve|opments of the past months |eaves us with tools necessary to commercia|ize and market our products on a globa| sca|e. We expect our milestones to be met and thus executing our business p|an as anticipated¡¨, stated Jan Olivier, CEO of Yap Internationa| Inc.

About The Company:
Yap Internationa|, Inc. is a multi-national Internet Communications Company deve|oping cost effective te|ecommunications through Voice over Internet Protoco| (VoIP) techno|ogies. The Company ho|ds the exclusive rights to a revo|utionary VoIP product |ine called NOMAD SYSTEMS that has Dial-up, Broadband, DSL, Cab|e, Sate||ite and Wire|ess capabilities. The Company p|ans on targeting: 1) National fixed |ine II & III Tier carriers which are interested in effectively competing with the dominant carrier in their marketplace, 2) Large mu|tinational corporations which need to have US or European presence by having, (for example), a United States number ringing in their offices in Guatemala or London- offering business partners a more 
economical way to communicate, and 3) Immigrants in North America, a means of significantly lowering their communication expense with their re|atives in their country of origin. The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas with administrative offices in Vancouver and sales offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Newport Beach California. 


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