WiFi Launcher?

Roy M. Silvernail roy at rant-central.com
Sat Mar 26 00:21:27 PST 2005

Damian Gerow wrote:

>In theory, all you're doing is:
>- Finding an AP
>- Associating with the AP
>    - this could mean just setting your SSID, it could mean cracking WEP
>      keys, it could mean providing authentication...
>- Grabbing an address (DHCP)
>At this point, you're looking at around five seconds of work.  Which, at the
>aforementioned 18kph, gives you another 15 seconds to send off any mail.
>If you run a local DNS server (faster), you'll save yourself a few seconds.
>The actual MTA transmission only takes a few seconds; that is, unless you're
>spamming, in which case it may take longer.
Why run a DNS server?  Cache expiry would still require some lookups.  
Just pre-populate your hosts file before your transmission sortie.

I need to look into whether mixminion tolerates casual connections.  
ISTR incoming connections are checked against the local key cache, but 
I'm not sure if that includes the known address of the node.

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