The Register: Anonymity no protection for online libellers

Eric Cordian emc at
Thu Mar 24 13:55:40 PST 2005

> Mark Weston, technology law specialist at MAB Law, says the ruling was 
> another link in the chain of judicial authority saying that you cannot be 
> anonymous. 

If they can find out who you are, you aren't "anonymous," you are 

Anonymous means no trail was created which might be examined to disclose 
your identity, and no individuals are in possession of that information, 
and might disclose it.

Confidential means the information exists, but that people have promised 
to keep it secret, until they change their minds.

There is a vast difference, for instance, between confidential HIV 
testing, and anonymous HIV testing.

When I want to be anonymous online, I rely on technology, not peoples 
promises, and if this individual had been truly anonymous, he would not 
have been identified.

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