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Adsero Corp (ADS0) is a leader in the printer cartridge "Recharger" Industry.
The recent acquisition of Teckn-O-Laser Global Inc - One of North America's leaders in the cartridge
remanufacturing industry, stations ADSER0 Corp in the forefront of this growing and lucrative market.

ADSO Stock Status - 
Last Sale:       1.O0 
52wk Range:      1.2O - 2.10

- Profitable,with Quarter over Quarter Growth
- Acquisition of Teckn-O-Laser Global Inc with $3OM in Sales
- For three years, Teckn-O-Laser was named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies
- Domestic US Market is Estimated to be in Excess of $9 Billion by 2OO6
- Global Market is Estimated to be in Excess of $25 Billion

Adsero Corp. is a rapidly expanding Company focusing on the printer cartridge "Recharger"
Industry, with specific emphasis on Laser Toner,and to a lesser extent Ink Jet cartridges.
The Recharger Industry can be defined by printer cartridges where many of their components can
be reused, remanufactured or recycled, then marketed back to consumers at substantially lower
prices than a new cartridge while still generating high margins for the Company.
Aderso Corp. seeks to consolidate well-managed and profitable companies which address the highly
lucrative Recharger segment.

Total Market is Estimated to be in Excess of $25 Billion Globally
Specific specialization will be in the cartridge Recharger industry. The industry is currently very
fragmented with a large number of small players competing in a segment which is estimated to
grow in excess of US$9 billion by 2006.
In order to compete, players will need to achieve economies of scale and develop expanded sales
channels. Adsero Corp. will focus on consolidating this Industry to become the dominant player.

Aderso Corp. is an attractive investment to small cap investors as it addresses a growing and very 
lucrative niche, has established multi-million dollar revenues, profitability,and all this while
helping to save the environment through Adsero's conscientious remanufacturing program.
As a serious player in the cartridge aftermarket, Industry, Adsero Corp. has demonstrated that it
has not only the technology, but also the strategic alliances, customers and record breaking
revenues to indicate that Adsero is truly on its way to becoming the dominant player in this Industry.


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