What Will We Do With Innocent People's DNA?

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Tue Mar 22 15:00:45 PST 2005

Thus spake Tyler Durden (camera_lumina at hotmail.com) [22/03/05 16:12]:
: Easy to see where that's headed:
: 1. Joe Cypherpunk is doing 54 on Rt 95.
: 2. "Cops" (or guys in a black car claiming to be local cops) stop Joe, make 
: arrest based on "speeding" or what have you.
: 3. Cops take DNA sample.
: 4. 2 weeks later Noam Chomsky is murdered.
: 5. Hey! Joe Cypherpunk's DNA has been found all over the scene of the crime.
: 6. Joe Cypherpunk is executed...that bastard! Murdering such a valued 
: member of society....MIT professor and all that. Papers report that 
: Cypherpunk Joe had once tried to become an MIT professor but never got on 
: the tenure track. Clearly, he had a vendetta.

Uh-oh.  Does this mean that my tinfoil hat isn't good enough anymore?  Will
I have to don a complete neoprene suit to make sure I leave no trace of
myself anywhere from now on?

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